Money making by creating online forum community is gaining popularity day by day. Although it is not the most effective way to earn money online because it requires a long time to build a valid and stable online community. But it is considered as one of the proved ways to earn money through online.

A lot of interesting and eye catching topics can be used to build a good forum. But most important is to select a topic which is well-known to you as well as to all. Therefore, the knowledge of related topic will help you to start a good discussion among the forum members.

A forum or community can add significant value to your site because it will attract more and more visitors. Visitors will intentionally come back to your site if your forum continues discussion on fresh issue at regular basis. And for the same reasons the search engine will also track your site more frequently. Eventually your site will get higher ranking.


That’s all very well, but how do you actually make money from this? Well it depends on the topics of the forum. You can charge a fixed amount to access your forum, but people will only pay when they find something valuable and beneficial in your site. So you have to prove that your forum is quite different from others.

Best way to build a community is to attract the members by providing free membership. Therefore more and more people will be willing to join your forum. You can also take a policy to provide free membership only to a limited extent and offer a premium charge to get full access. This policy will help the people to evaluate the site before paying the extra money. There are a good number of sites in the web those provide free membership but do not provide the full access. To get access to their premium features you have to a monthly fee.

Many people also suggest membership only websites which have a members’ only forum as part of the overall package. Initially these forums include only popular issues for the discussion. But when they become popular, they start providing fresh and unique contents to their members. Sometimes those contents appear as very exclusive and appealing to all.

For instance, if you are looking for any specific content like writing and selling e-books then you have to search a plenty of content to find your desired one. But this can be done so easily through forum discussion. You can submit your problem in the forum and ask solution. If there is someone who is experienced in selling and writing e-books can help instantly. So you can do your work with less effort through the community forum.

So if you have some thoughts about building a forum, community or members’ only site, why don’t you start now? If you do, then someday these ideas will help you to get a remarkable amount of income at regular basis.