Top 10 Legitimate Online Jobs for online money

Scores of people from all over the world are searching for job opportunities online. Some of these online job hunters are professionals selling their expertise, some are people who have skills for the jobs but lack education to be hired for such a job in the real world and the majority just wants easy money. That is why there are also a lot of people who are taking advantage of these job seekers by creating sites that promise to make them rich really quickly or give them a high paying job that requires little effort. Of course we don’t want anyone to be scammed or waste their time on things that they won’t be rewarded accordingly. That is why I have listed some sites that pay money online for doing some work for them. While they may not get you rich very quick, these sites are guaranteed to earn you some extra cash while you are staying in the comfort of your home.

First off is Survey Heads, it is a web site that pays you to answer surveys from different companies. The great thing about this site is that they pay you $5 just for signing up and there is no required fee. Some surveys are only available in selected countries, but the membership is open to everyone.

Next is Global Test Market, like the first site it is also a get-paid-to-answer-surveys kind of site. But it does not only offer money as a reward, it also offers “market points” which can be used to redeem some stuff or be converted to cash. There is also no sign up fee for this site; however, there are some surveys that require you to try some services for a fee. They also send e-mail notifications for surveys that you are qualified to partake in. As not all offers are available to all countries, it is hard to earn a lot from this site.

If you are looking for a place to market your skills, then Freelancer .com is the place for you. It is free to sign up to this website and they cater a lot of fields of expertise to choose from. Whether you are a writer (like me), a programmer or even an accountant who want to market your skills, you will surely find a job here for you. All you have to do is find the right project for you.

Like, Odesk is also a site where you can market your skills. But unlike Freelancer, this site requires you to create a CV to help the employers know you better. The employers will use your portfolio and feedback from previous projects to decide if they want to hire you for the job.

If you love teaching and hold a degree, then Aim4A is the place for you. This is a tutoring site that caters to students worldwide. You will need to have to have a bachelor’s degree; great skill in speaking English and of course teaching should be your passion.

Then we have Cash Fiesta, this site pays you for a lot of things. Some of the things you can do here are getting paid to surf which is like pay-per-click; there is also a get-paid-to-play and money thru their referral program. This is a good site but there are also some offers that require membership.

If you want call center jobs at home, then you can check Work at Home Moms for a list of companies who are hiring for virtual call center agents. There are some requirements in the equipment that you will need however, so this does not make it cost free. And of course you should have a quiet place to do this job for some companies serve penalties for noise heard on the background by clients.

Paid-to-click sites are also great in generating income like Clix Sense. It is pretty simple, you just click advertisements and voila you get paid. But it does not pay really big. The pay-per-click ranges from $.001 to .02. You can also refer your friends for earnings of $.20 per referral.

There is also a site exclusively for writers; it is This is the site for those who want to profit from their creativity with words. Also free to join.

And last but definitely not the least is get paid for blogging. The site is called PayperPost . This site pays you to crate blogs that will help market the products of the sponsors of the site.

I hope these sites will interest you and you would take the time to check them out. Remember to always be aware of sites that are only interested in your money and not in helping you. It is alright to aspire for online jobs but always consider if your time is being paid correctly, if the benefits outweigh the cost and most importantly if you enjoy what you’re doing. It is only logical that we find ways to better our life but please do not forget to better ourselves also.


  1. We like making money online because we can be in our home or anyother place with wifi and continue business, Also it give us the most freedom for our family and friends.